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Welcome to my Website I have created this website in order to popularize a new method introducing geometrical diagrams in the teaching of theology and in catechesis.

ks. prof. dr hab. Franciszek Drączkowski

Functions of the method:
it can be used either to illustrate the truths of the faith or to correct misrepresentations and mistakes both in theology and in the beliefs of the faithful.

Value of the method: Owing to the geometrical representations it introduces, the method in question bears the marks of “clarity and distinctness” once postulated by Descartes. The presentation of the truths of the faith is based on visual elements. Given substance by the geometrical figures employed throughout the application of the method, the presentation results in the kind of accurate evidence characteristic of sciences.

The application of the method introducing geometrical diagrams in theology and in pastoral activity:
The basis of the method in question is the figure of a circle in which an equilateral triangle, the symbolic image of the Triune God, is inscribed. The further diagrams embrace also an isosceles triangle inscribed in a circle, which symbolically portrays the Incarnation of the Son of God. As a result, we face a «geometrical structure» embracing two circles and two triangles, joined vertically in a symbolic portrayal of the Church of Christ. This structure proves the main theme for further diagrams. The core of the method, as well as the main line of its development, is the history of salvation presented in twenty geometrical diagrams which symbolically render the following truths of the faith: eternal God, the Holy Trinity, the creation of the Angels, the fall of the Angels, the Paradise or the friendship between man and God, the original sin, the promise of salvation, the incarnation of the Son of God, the mystery of Redemption, Christ’s Church, the Church as the temple of the Holy Spirit, Baptism, love of God, love of the neighbor, the way of perfection, purgatory, Baptism of desire, the communion of Saints, the hell as eternal separation from God, love as the perfect anticipation of Heaven.














God, the Trinity, the Angels, the devil, Salvation, the Incarnation, the church, the Holy Spirit, Baptism, Perfection, Purgatory, Hell, Heaven, Happiness,

Dens, Trinitas, angeli, peccatum originale, diabolus, Incarnatio, Ecclesia, Spiritus Sanctus, baptismum, Sanctitas, purgatorium, infernus caelum, historia salutis,

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